Environmental Policy


Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa takes into consideration the protection of the environment and implements an Environmental Policy, which covers all its activities.

In line with the needs of Skopelos, Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa strives to reduce the environmental impact of its activities by continuously improving its practices that aim at conserving natural resources, minimizing waste and saving energy.

Some of our practices include:

  • Replacement of plastic bottles in the restaurant, bar and room service with glass bottles.
  • Use of biodegradable trash bag in the room bin
  • Installation of glass and metal recycling bins in the room
  • Separation of organic and non-organic kitchen waste for better management
  • Replacement of disposable plastics in the main buffet with corresponding melamine utensils
  • Frying oil recycling
  • Reduce printed paper by digitizing hotel procedures
  • Utilization of coffee residues as fertilizer
  • Recycling of old devices (televisions, telephone devices, printers, etc.) in designated drop-off points on the island of Skopelos
  • Participation in programs of professional utensils recycling (pans and pots) by Metro A.E.B.E.
  • Reusable bags for garden needs and removal of the black plastic bag
  • Installation of a battery recycling bin


In our effort we also need you. You can contribute to a milder environmental impact during your stay at the hotel:

  • Inform your hotel reception about the frequency with which you wish to change your sheets and towels
  • Do not let the faucet run and limit the duration of the shower.
  • When leaving the room, be sure to turn off the lights and appliances.

Help us protect the environment!

Thank you.

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